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Self-adhesive tacks (X6)

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Six self-adhesive tacks to change your patches into pins.

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Macon&Lesquoy PR01

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When the daughters of an antique dealer and an astrophysicist meet… They tell stories. Stories about matter and substance, sewn stories, unstitched and undone, their stories, other people’s, and the ones they enjoy inventing. This is what Marie Macon and Anne-Laure Lesquoy have been doing through their collections of accessories since 2009. Being both just as meticulous as the embroideresses they admire, the two designers put on different hats every day. They draw the motifs, choose the materials, precise the finishing touches… nothing is left to chance, “because the lining matters as much as the jacket” (Marie). Their path through design left them with an everlasting bustle of ideas, an urge to create, an eye for trends, an awareness of the techniques, and a passionate attention to the link between useful and beautiful. It is this compelling wish to accompany each product all the way, “instead of dropping it as soon as the sketch is done” (Anne-Laure), that gave birth to their experimentation and freedom area: Macon&Lesquoy. Willing and able to go and find the best craftspeople on the other side of the planet, while tasting the best treats each destination has to offer, Macon&Lesquoy draws its inspiration from everywhere and elsewhere, as seasons go by. Structured between Paris (where people gladly sprinkle themselves with glitter before going out) and Granville (homeland of Dior, shells and mossbacks, and notably the home port of its stock) Macon&Lesquoy designs off-the-wall yet always elegant accessories subtly matching boldness and humor. What do they have in common? The diversion of techniques and materials: a watch that doesn’t give the time for people who like to suspend it, the Hold-up wallet to pay checks with an attitude, the Top-gold label, military embroidery in the service of fancy… To cite but a few perfect examples of Macon&Lesquoy’s style. M&L embroidered jewels, heat-sealable badges, leather and soft goods startle the people wearing and offering them. A touch of humor and luxury for the young girls, handsome boys, gorgeous mamas and old dandies around the world who always enjoy a good laugh!

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