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Set 2 scissors - Omnia Line

13,20 €

Set 2 scissors - one for needlework - dim. 13 cm. / 5 ''  and the other are Tailor shears - dim. 23 cm. / 9'' -

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Handle black/grey - blade straight: ideal for tailor works and needleworks,
Inox Steel INOX, handle print double-sided black-grey, 5",9"-cm. 12.5, cm. 23 

A collection with a very competitive price; Produced on an extended scale with the best nickel-plated carbon steels, using new productive systems, which allow to reduce cost, guaranteeing an excellent level of quality. MADE IN ITALY - PREMANA QUALITY  All measures indicated in centimeters refer to the whole length of the scissors from the point to the end of the handle
  • Material Inox Steel - Titanium Finish

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